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Why Use Fulfillment Services

Customer Service: Fulfillment by CAS handles all customer service and returns for all orders. Customers will know that they are getting the highest industry standard when it comes to packing, shipping, customer service and returns. You sell it and we will do the rest.


Build your Business: Collector Archive Services makes it easy to build your business. As a seller, you can publish or unpublished your listing(s), enhance inventory descriptions and raise or lower prices as the market fluctuates. As your inventory grows so will your business. Our fulfillment center is built with your inventory in mind, and there are no minimum or maximums on units you can send and no limitations on products from other reputable grading companies. We will manage your shelf space so you can focus on growing your business quickly.


Cost-Effective: Fulfillment by CAS is simple since we allow you to pay as you go. You are charged for the monthly storage space that your inventory needs and can be adjusted anytime, on-the-fly from within your online account. The cost of managing your inventory, sales and customer service is included in your fees with no extra charge for you. No more stocking up on bulky boxes, labels and packaging supplies, no packing and shipping your items to their new owner or waiting around for UPS or FedEx to pick your packages up. Additional shipping, handling, processing and insurance fees are applied to the buyer during checkout.


Safe and Secure: All items are secure in our modern fulfillment facility with our highly advanced automated computer-networked scanning and tracking system to facilitate the safe and timely processing of merchant orders – usually within 1-2 days. Fulfillment by CAS has 24-hour security cameras, motion control, DVR’s that stores recorded data for several weeks, high-value secure cage storage inside a room behind locked doors without windows. 


Fulfillment from other channels: Our fulfillment center accepts graded items from several other trust-worthy companies and we will store it alongside your other Collector Archive Services inventory at Fulfillment by CAS. Graded toys, graded comics or graded trading cards, you manage your entire inventory no matter what company it is graded from through a simple online user interface that can direct us to add more items or return all, or a portion of the inventory at any time.


One-way shipping: You have the individual challenge of protective packing and insured shipping one-way to our facility. Once your item arrives in our facility we will take care of the rest. You can sell it on CollectorArchive.com in the "For Sale By Members" section, your own personal websites, auction websites, social media sites, toys shows or conventions while your items are safely stored in our fulfillment center. If you’re located in another country or on another continent, you only have the task of getting it to Collector Archive Services.


Marketing: Items that are securely stored at Fulfillment by CAS have endless marketing opportunities. Besides Collector Archives Services vast active membership browsing your inventory daily, you have the digital images and certificate of archival to market your products any way that suits your needs. Well-known auction websites, personal websites, the toy show, convention and the comic-con circuit or calling a friend are all viable means to sell your collectibles. Once sold by any marketing vehicle of your choosing, CAS handles the rest.


Inventory Control: Heading to a local or national toy show, international toy convention or well-known Comic-Con, why transport your entire fragile and cumbersome inventory when you only need a laptop computer? Hotel room trading now can be as easy as showcasing, marketing and selling your items through a wireless network while leaving more room in your luggage for clothes, personal effects or toiletries. No more need to expose your archived items to the harsh traveling environment.


No Sales Commissions: Since Collector Archive Services is not a dealer and you have the exclusive responsibility of the sale of your own products, Fulfillment by CAS will never collect a sales commission or a brokerage fee. You are in complete control of selling your products and will only be charged for monthly storage costs for the shelf space you occupy and a 4% convience fee fee to cover the adminstrative charges we incur on your behalf. You sell it and CAS will not collect a commission from the sale price.