YELLOWING: Since yellowing of a blister or window occasionally occurs and can worsen over time, we will designate a qualifier of a “Y” designation before the numeric value on the label if any signs of yellowing exist. 

QUALIFIED: Any items that are opened but new, complete and in unused factory condition will be graded under Collector Archive Services qualified scale. CAS will designate the item as such with the word "Qualified" under the numeric value. 

UNCIRCULATED: Factory sealed collectibles including mail­-away items, department store packaging and factory shipping boxes will be assigned the designation of uncirculated. These three categories will receive this “Uncirculated” designation under the numeric value.

*CAS will not open and/or designate as “uncirculated” carded action figures or diecast vehicles, or any other similar collectible on a card with a plastic bubble; boxed store­-shelf items; or factory sealed baggie figures. 

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