Morgan Colyer Morgan Colyer

If there was a forensics test done on the rarest and most pristine vintage Transformers still in existence, you would find Morgan Colyer's fingerprints on roughly 95% of them. 

Colyer has worked tirelessly for almost two decades to track down and bring to market the very best specimens of the 30 year old Transformers line. He has cultivated, sustained, and exponentially grown the top collections worldwide, from the frozen tundra of Green Bay, Wisconsin to the bustling metropolis of Beijing China. Collectors far and wide rely on Colyer to find the unfindable. He does so with a gentle, charismatic, mid-western charm and unwavering patience unrivaled in customer service. Just ask his customers - there is nobody who is more trusted or well respected in the Transformers collecting field than Colyer.

You can reached Morgan through email at, through his website or via Facebook as iamratchet

Bill Wills Bill Wills

Bill is a familiar face in the vintage Star Wars collecting community. He began collecting in 1994 and has been collecting and selling Star Wars toys for over two decades. Born and raised in the greater Cincinnati area, he is knowledgeable on a variety of subjects ranging from prototypes to production toys as well as all things Kenner. 

Over the years he has contributed to the hobby through online and print articles, collecting panels, various forums and social media. In 1999, he launched Cantina Collectibles.

You can reach Bill through email at or find him on Facebook and Instagram under @cantinacollect

Pete Lerose Peter LeRose

Pete has been involved in the toys and collectibles industry since the early 1990's. Originally starting in the hobby as just a collector, Pete gradually expanded to be a very well-know vendor and source for many rare and obscure 1980's toy collectibles. While most of his collecting days focused specifically on Star Wars, Pete quickly changed gears and focused more on Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, M.A.S.K., and a few other prominent 1980s toy lines. He hit the ground running early on with these non-Star Wars toy lines when there weren't too many collectors focusing on them.   

Gradually Pete's hobby became a business, and that business has been a major focus of his life for the past 20 years. Back in the early 2000's, Pete owned and operated a website called which was a source for numerous high end and obscure toy collectibles. Since then he has moved his focus away from the webiste to running businesses both on eBay and Amazon and still travels to appear at most of the major toy shows and cons. 

With all the years' experience in the hobby and the countless connections Pete has made, he is considered to be very knowledgeable with a large selection of 1980's toy lines with a focus on Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, and M.A.S.K. His working knowledge of these toy lines, both domestic and Foreign has allowed him for years to help educate fellow collectors as to production differences and variations as well as help identify legitimate examples and finely forged reproductions.

You can reach Pete through email at

Stephane Faucourt

Stephane Faucourt

Stephane Faucourt grew up in France in the 1970s and is part of the first generation of star Wars fans. After assembling one of Europe's largest Collection of French toys and documents spanning 1977 to 1986, he contributes to various websites and magazines with content. 

Stephane has published several books: “From Meccano to Trilogo” (2006) an instant-hit which revealed to collectors the action figure toys released in France during 1978-86, then “La French Touch” (2013/2016) featuring the entire range of merchandise and documents released in France during the classic Trilogy era, and the “Meccano Trilogo Collectors’ Handbook” (2016). He also co-authored the first official book published in France with domestic content “La Guerre des Etoiles – Star Wars vu de France” in 2015. 

Stephane has contributed to collecting panels at various events and official Celebration London (2007), Essen (2013), Anaheim USA (2015) and London (2016).

You can reach Stephane through email at

Luis Villagomez

Luis Villagomez

Luis is a Mexican-based tattoo artist, pop culture collectibles dealer and long-time collector of toys and toy prototypes. Luis started collecting Star Wars memorabilia in 1994, and over the years has come to focus primarily on toy prototypes and pre-production material from a variety of toy lines produced in the 1970's and 80's, as well as items from his native Mexico. He's been participated in the production of a few international collecting books, and is currently writing his own book about Masters of the Universe. Luis is part of \"The Power and the Honor Foundation,\" which has collaborated with Super7 on a few products, including vintage style action figures. Luis also collaborated in the documentary \"The Toys that Made Us,\" which was produced by Netflix 

Luis has a broad interest in many toy lines, primarily the Masters of the Universe line produced by Mattel and the Star Wars produced in Mexico by Lili Ledy. Luis has curated one of the most impressive collections of Masters of the Universe prototypes in the world, and is actively engaged in preserving the stories, art, and history that went into creating what is, arguably, one of the greatest toylines ever produced.

You can reach Luis through email at

Dan Klingensmith

Dan Klingensmith

Dan Klingensmith is originally from Northeast Ohio, and has been collecting G.I. Joe items since the early 1990s. His interest in the brand has moved from primarily collecting MOC and MIB items to collecting preproduction items. 

Dan is the author of the 3.75 Inch Joe series which focuses on the internal process of creating the G.I. Joe brand from 1982-1994. His books can be found at Dan is knowledgeable with many things related to G.I. Joe and has access to former employees who worked on the brand who have always been forthcoming in assisting him.

Dan is currently acting as a Consulting Producer and his collection will be featured on the Netflix series, The Toys That Made Us, slotted for early 2018. He's honored to help represent the brand that's been part of his life since he was a child.

You can reach Dan through email at 

Jason Smith

Jason Smith

Jason (aka Mr. Palitoy) has been collecting vintage Star Wars since 2006, and is primarily known as a Palitoy and cardback collector. He also has a 2-1b focus and a growing collection of Helix and Letraset UK vintage items.  Jason is well known in the Star Wars collecting community for being an expert on the Toy Toni scandal. That is, in December 2013, Antoni Emchowicz (aka Toy Toni), a long time Palitoy and German MOC toy dealer, was found to have been assembling MOC from a large stock of unused cardbacks and bubbles bought after the Palitoy factory closed. 

Jason has presented on this topic at Farthest From in the UK and at Celebration in the USA. He has also appeared on Fake Britain, a UK consumer programme, discussing the scandal.  Jason's Palitoy cardback guide has a detailed list of all Palitoy cardback variations with all cards known to be produced by Toy Toni, along with guidance on how to identify a Toy Toni seal.

You can reach Jason through email at 

Joe Curcio

Joe Curcio

Joseph “Curch” Curcio is a business owner by day (ice cream!) and a toy aficionado and an avid collector of all things vintage by night. His passion for Kenner Starting Lineups began in 1990 when he started collecting with the sole purpose of gaining the baseball card within each package. Since then, his collection has continued to grow, much to his wife’s dismay. His current collection includes several thousand pieces from major toy manufacturers including Kenner, Hasbro, and Mattel. Joe is also an avid collector of trading cards, including unopened packs and boxes.

Although difficult to pinpoint one specific toy line as his favorite, Curch is best known for his impressive Starting Lineup collection and his unparalleled knowledge of figure variants and Kenner trivia. Over the years he has attended countless Starting Lineup Conventions as both a buyer and seller. In pursuit of his passion for the hobby he has founded the Kenner Starting Lineup Group on Facebook, which to date, has surpassed two thousand active members. He has been featured in online articles with Men’s Health Magazine,,, an in-print article with Beckett Monthly Magazine and featured on the show NFL Films Presents.

Joe also advises us from time to time on our trading card packs and boxes grading and authentication service.

You can reach Joe through email at @josephacurcio on Instagram or @josephacurcio on Twitter.


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