At CAS, we believe everyone deserves a second chance. CAS was formed by collectors, for collectors, so the last thing we ever want to do is to refuse an item that is submitted to us by our fellow collectors for authentication, grading, and preservation. With that said, an important part of our service is authenticating collectibles to ensure they are complete, original, non-restored, and not a reproduction in any way; we take that responsibility very seriously. 

As discussed below, some reasons for refusal of a collectible by CAS (each, a "Refusal Reason") are fixable; others are not. Most collectors that submit an item for grading, however, won’t be aware of the nature of his or her submission that would cause it to be refused for grading when he or she makes the submission, and for that reason we certainly don’t want to take our fellow collectors’ money and give them little back other than a refusal report and a stock sliding bottom case. As such, we have crafted this policy to give our collector customers and friends various second chance options based on whether a Refusal Reason is fixable or not. 

Fixable Refusal Reasons 

For the following "Fixable Refusal Reasons," CAS will, upon discovery of the Fixable Refusal Reason, contact you, advise you via email of the Refusal Reason, 30 days to (i) correct the Fixable Refusal Reason or "Grade it Another Way" (as defined below), as applicable, OR (ii) send the item back to you and give you a credit in the amount of 50% of the cost you paid to grade the refused item, so you have a second chance to send something else in, but we still receive some payment for our services (the "Second Chance Credit"), each as outlined below: 

  • If your collectible is incomplete (i.e., missing a weapon or other accessory), we will let you know and allow you to locate the missing accessory and send it in to be paired with the other item(s) so that they are complete.
  • If your collectible was submitted with an incorrect, reproduction, or restored accessory, we will similarly let you know and allow you to locate the correct, original, non-restored accessory and send it in to be paired with the other item(s) so that they are complete. 
  • If your collectible has been resealed (other than carded figures), we will give you the option to Grade it Another Way in essentially the same manner as shown above for refusals for an Attempt to Hide Flaws
  • If your collectible has holes or cracks large enough to allow an item or accessories to be removed from a plastic blister or box, we will give you the option of: 
    • Taking the loose item(s) out of the plastic bubble or box and grading them loose (it is your choice whether we display the collectible inside the CAS case with or without the catalogs, instructions, etc. that came with it inside the box; just let us know your preference), and we would charge you the difference in cost; or
    • In the case of a carded figure, adding a bubble protector to attempt to retain the item(s) inside the plastic bubble on the card, with the grade on the label clearly indicating it is for the loose figure only, not the overall carded figure 
  • If you submit a complete box of trading card packs, but one or more of the packs has been resealed or restored, or is a reproduction, we will give you an opportunity to replace those pack(s) with legitimate, unaltered packs.

The above list is non-exhaustive, and in the future we may find other Refusal Reasons that are fixable; again, the last thing we want to do is take your money for honest mistakes without helping you fix an issue that may be fixable. If we find a Refusal Reason for your submission not listed above that is perhaps fixable, we will contact you and work with you to try and find a way that preserves and authenticates your collectible, while also maintaining our standards, accurately documenting the submission, and ensuring any future owners of the item are aware of any issues with that item. 

Non-Fixable Refusal Reasons 

Certain Refusal Reasons, however, just aren’t fixable for obvious reasons. For example, a reproduction of an original item will always be a reproduction; it can’t be fixed. For the following "Non-Fixable Refusal Reasons," CAS will, upon discovery of the Non-Fixable Refusal Reason, email you the reason(s) for refusal, send the item back to you, and give you a Second Chance Credit:

  • A reproduction of an original vintage or other original item
  • If your loose collectible has glued limbs, ink touch-ups or other similar restoration
  • If your carded collectible has ink touch-ups or other similar restoration, or has been resealed
  • If your trading card pack is resealed, restored or a reproduction
  • If your collectible has ink touch ups, paint or other non-original addition to hide flaws (an "Attempt to Hide Flaws")
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