Open Door Policy: Stop by Collector Archives Services’ anytime during business hours. Dropping off or picking up your collectibles, our door is always open. You will see many examples from many different collectible lines of all shapes and sizes from standard to custom. If you’re in the area, please put our address on your must-­see places to visit.

Accuracy and Consistency: Gone are the primitive grading days when an employee, perhaps with an agenda of his own, would jot down his C­1 - C­10 opinion on a piece of scratch paper. CAS believes that a single employee, even if qualified, cannot do precision condition reports, so we use a triple check system to ensure accuracy in all of our grades. That is, three experienced professionals, working separately, utilize state-of-the-art instruments and sophisticated methods to determine every blemish, large and small. Each imperfection has an associated value which is weighted lighter or heavier, depending on its category or sub­category. No grader ever knows the identity of the customer whose submission he is grading nor what the other grader has done. When each grader’s calculation is tallied and the results are within a very small variance, our grading system will average the grades to determine the final numeric value.

We feel strongly that condition of any collectible needs to be determined by a systematic approach. Without that, the result is nothing more than an opinion or guess that can be swayed by countless outside factors and influences. CAS is confident that our procedure provides the highest degree of precision and reliability to buyers and sellers alike.

True Numeric System: CAS's advanced condition evaluation method not only determines an accurate and consistent value but also gives a real numeric grade. In the past many collectors have expressed confusion over why many of the same grades in their collections have such a vast range of condition variables. Typically, grading companies considered some grades a “low 85”, for example, or just slightly above an 80, while another one is a “high 85”, almost achieving a 90 status. With low and high items being given the same grade, any collector would be confused about the true condition of his archived items.

CAS has gone the extra mile developing a grading platform that not only determines the master grade of the collectible but also supplies an accurate grade. Instead of a “low 85” it might be more accurately an 85.6 when a “high­ 85” might be an accurate 88.4. The true numeric system is well accepted in providing the collector market with that extra clarity needed to be well informed.

Plus + System: Working in conjunction with the “True Numeric System” as a determining factor of the actual condition value, CAS believes it is necessary adding the plus + system to each numeric grade. This system offers two available values per each numeric grade. An 85.6 is simply an 85 when an 88.4 is precisely an 85+.  This has definitively resolved the differences between low and high conditions falling within the same numeric grade.

State of the Art equipment: Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is a technologically advanced laser cutting machine for the acrylic in which your collectibles are preserved. We use the best CNC machine on the market so table saws, tooling marks, bubbles in adhesive and dust are a thing of the past. The computer converts the design and dimensions produced by Computer Aided Design software (CAD), into numbers by our acrylic programmer, so that any shape or size created by our designer’s imagination can be easily fabricated. CAS gives you crystal clear, clean and meticulously cut acrylic to preserve your collectibles for a museum quality presentation.

Master Acrylic Fabrication: CAS has in­-house some of the best acrylic fabricators in the acrylic industry. They are detail oriented with an eye for design and a passion for clean, clear edges and flawless seams. With the combination of their experience and skill and our state­-of-­the-­art advanced laser-cutting machine, any collection of CAS­-graded collectibles will truly display like museum quality.

Photograph and SOA: Every item submitted to be documented and archived will include both a professional digital image and a Statement of Archival (SOA) at no extra charge. Every submitted item will come with a 5”x8” SOA stamped and signed by one of our corporate officers and include a matching serial numbered hologram. The digital image is useful in showcasing your item on social media outlets advertising it for sale and both are free with every item archived.

Serial Number and QR Code: Serial Numbers and Quick Response (QR) Codes have a distinct and important purpose when documenting and archiving a collectible. With a serial number and QR code in place, you can crosscheck them against the item in hand to confirm that it is represented properly. CAS understands and respects the serial number and QR code verification system and uses repetition as a crucial component of our service. We display the serial number on the bottom of every descriptive label along with the QR code. The QR code will verify the item’s description, condition report and serial numbers with one fast scan. Placed next to every informative label is a proprietary company­-specific hologram with matching serial number. Both the sticker and the hologram are placed inside the case to be sealed and made tamperproof. The serial­-numbered hologram has a corresponding hologram that is placed on the Statement of Archival (SOA) as additional confirmation. Lastly, the unique serial numbers that are on the label, hologram and SOA are uploaded to our web database for one final layer of authenticity. We want today’s collectors to be well informed and assured that the item in their hand has been judged true and correct and verified in detail.

Protective Shipping: Our customers can be confident that CAS is handling their items with care during their short stay in our facility. Once the submission has been documented, archived and enters our shipping department, the item will be placed into a puncture resistant 6-mil protective poly­bag and then placed in a strong double­-walled corrugated box with foam-in-place packaging materials. Customer­-declared insurance is placed on the package and the package is reassigned to the courier. CAS goes the extra mile to assure your cherished collectibles arrive quickly, safely and in the same condition that they leave our shipping department.

Free Upgrades: At CAS you receive the best service in the industry along with many standard upgrades that other companies may charge extra for.

At CAS we offer a Statement of Archival certificate ($20 value), digital photographs ($15 - $25 value), light cleaning service ($3 value) and 6-­mil protective poly­bag with each order. We remove many of the financial upgrade decisions to the equation so ordering is quick and easy and you receive the best the industry has to offer at no extra charge.

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