Step 1 - Create an Account: To get the ball rolling, if you don't yet have an account, click HERE to create one. 

Step 2 - Select Your Non-Custom Items:  Submissions to CAS are easy – just like shopping at Amazon!  We have prepopulated listings with images for various types of collectibles we have previously received for grading, which are organized by collectible (e.g., Star Wars, GI Joe, Topps, etc.) and certain sub-categories thereof (e.g., action figures, playsets, unopened trading card packs, etc.).  To search for the collectible you want to submit for grading, use the Collectible Master Search at the CAS home page. You can search by one or more than one of the six available fields. You can also find the collectible you want to submit by selecting “Browse Collectibles” on the left side of the page, select the relevant collectible line, and then find the collectible you want to submit from there. All you have to do is select items you are submitting if you see them in our listings.  

Once you have selected your non-custom item(s), select whether you want CAS Standard Casing or upgrade to Museum Quality Casing (highest quality, 99% UV-resistant acrylic on the market).  Next, select whether you want the item graded or “archived.”  “Archived” means the item will still be authenticated as legitimate as with graded items, but instead of a grade on the label inside the case, the letter “A” for “Archived” will appear and you will receive a 5% discount on the item.  Finally, if you want the item returned to quicker than our standard turnaround time (see Turnaround Time tab on our website for more info), select 7-day express turnaround for an additional $200 per item charge or 48-hour rush turnaround for an additional $400 per item charge.  If you are ok with our standard turnaround at no additional charge, don’t select either of these expedited turnaround options. 

After you have filled out the information for each item, add the item to your online cart.  Easy peezy! 

Step 3 - Provide Information to Us for any Custom Items / Items We Haven’t Graded Yet:  For items you don’t see in our listings because you have a custom request / we haven't received the item yet for archiving from another collector, you should select "Have a Toy We Haven't Graded Yet?"  After you select such category, please fill in all the requested information. Please remember to be precise and include any notes about how you want the item(s) displayed.  It makes the creation of your custom / new order easier, with precision, and, most importantly, exactly how you want it.  

Step 4 - Select "Consolidate" or "Split" Your Order. When you are ready to check out at the end of the online submission process, you will have an option to "consolidate" or "split" your order if it involves items in more than one turnaround tier – see our Turnaround Time tab for more information on the three turnaround time tiers. If you elect to consolidate your order, we will group all of your items from different tiers together and ship them all back at one time. All items in that order will be placed into the longest tier, and you will receive one return shipping and handling invoice when the entire order is complete. If you elect to split your order, we keep all of your items grouped in the different turnaround tiers and ship each tier of items back independently. You will receive a return shipping and handling invoice for the items under each tier when that part of the order is complete.

Step 5 - Pay Your Invoice:  

Non-custom items:  If we have already graded at least one of the items you are submitting (i.e., they are not “custom”), you will immediately have an amount to pay for such item(s) at the initial check out.  

Custom items:  If there are any “custom” items you want us to preserve, there won’t be an invoiced amount associated with such item at the initial check out.  Once you send us those items along with your non-custom items (or by themselves if you are submitting only custom items), we will examine them and determine the cost based on, among other reasons, the amount of acrylic required and the complexity of the design.  At that time, we will bill the credit card you have authorized us to charge by filling out the credit card authorization form section of the packing slip – see step 6.  

MAKE SURE TO CHECK AND CONFIRM THE INSURANCE AMOUNT LISTED FOR EACH ITEM AT CHECK OUT.  The return insurance amount you select for each item is the exact amount of insurance we will add to your package for each such item when we ship your items back to you.  Please be aware this will be the maximum insurance amount for any claim of damage or loss in transit.  CAS is not responsible for, and does not control, any loss or damage to your items in transit back to you. 

Step 6 - Print Your Packing Slip:  Once you have submitted your online order, a prompt will remind you to go to “My Account” and print out the packing slip associated with your order, which you can find under “Account Dashboard.”  If you are submitting any custom items, please make sure to fill out the credit card authorization form as outlined in step 5.  

Including the packing slip inside your box of items to us allows us to scan the packing slip, and doing so automatically sends an email to you (at the email you provided when you established your account) to let you know that we received your items with no issues. Since these emails are system-generated, sometimes they have gone to collectors' junk email, so make sure to check your junk or spam email folder as well if you don't receive the email in a few days after you sent your items.  You can also add to your online contacts to make sure the emails don’t go to your junk mail folder. 

Step 7 - Send Us Your Items:  Send both your custom and non-custom items to us for archiving!  We suggest you use copious amounts of bubble wrap and other packing materials to protect your items in transit, and that you purchase insurance (at the replacement cost of the items) to protect against loss or damage in transit on the way to us.  Of course, the choice of carrier for the trip to us is up to you.  And don’t forget to include the packing slip! 

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