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Submission Process

Submission Process


Step 1 - Create an Account

To get the ball rolling, if you don't yet have an account, click HERE to create one.


Step 2 - Select Your Non-Custom Items

Submissions to CAS are easy - just like shopping at Amazon!  We have prepopulated listings with images for various types of toys and video games we have previously received for archiving, which are organized by toy line (e.g., Star Wars, GI Joe, MASK, etc.) and certain sub-categories thereof (e.g., action figures, playsets, etc.) under the "Grading and Archiving" tab on the left side of the page.  Or you can search for items you are submitting in the search bar on the left side of the page.  All you have to do is select items you are submitting if you see them in our listings, and add them to your cart.  Easy as pie!


Step 3 - Provide Information to us for any Custom Items / Items We Haven't Graded Yet

For items you don't see in our listings because you have a custom request or another collector hasn't already submitted the item yet for archiving, you should select "Have a Toy We Haven't Graded Yet?" for items you want graded or select "Need a Custom Designed Acrylic Case?" if you want us to create a custom acrylic case, but not grade the item. If you select either of such categories, fill in all the requested information, including the dimensions (in inches) of the item. Please remember to be precise and include any notes about how you want the item(S) displayed. It makes the creation of your custom order easier, with precision, and, most importantly, exactly how you want it.


Step 4 - Pay Your Invoice

Non-custom items: If we have already graded / created a custom case for all the items you are submitting (i.e., no new custom items), you will immediately have an invoice to pay, and a packing slip will be generated, which you need to print out and slip inside your package of items that you will send to us.


Custom items: If there are any custom items you want us to do, we will send you via email an invoice for these custom jobs as soon as we can - typically, in a few days - once we determine the cost based on the amount of acrylic required. Once you pay the invoice, our system will generate a packing slip for you, which you need to print out and slip inside your package of items that you will send to us.


Step 5 - Send Us Your Items

Send your items to us for archiving! We suggest you use copious amounts of bubble wrap and other packing materials to protect your items in transit, and that you purchase insurance (at the replacement cost of the items) to protect against loss or damage in transit on the way to us. Of course, the choice of carrier for the trip to us is up to you.