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How It Works

Step 1: Send your products to Collector Archive Services: If your products are being submitted to get archived by CAS or another reputable company has already graded them, then your items will be accepted and placed in our fulfillment department. Please note that fulfillment is not available for ungraded items.

Non-Archived Items: Simply choose the “Grading and Fulfillment” service when adding an item to your shopping cart on collectorarchive.com. Once the condition is evaluated and the item is archived and authenticated, it will head to our professional photography department where several pictures along with the final grading label will be uploaded to your account for your use. Once uploaded, you will receive an email that your item(s) are ready to be sold by you through our fulfillment center where you will proceed to add a description and price then publish your listing.

Previously Archived Items: Previously archived products from Collector Archive Services or another well-known grading company will simply be inspected, photographed and uploaded to your account at collectorarchive.com where you will simply add a description and price, and then publish your listing. We will accept any graded toys, comics or trading cards from other credible companies so you can have your entire inventory in one protected location at no additional cost to you other than your monthly fulfillment subscription.


You can sell your items through our website and/or use the high quality, professional images we take of your items to sell them on other third party websites or auction sites. In either case, we charge only for your use of fulfillment space and a 4% convenience fee to cover the administrative charges we incur on your behalf. We will also charge for the cost of shipping and materials or can bill your customer directly on your behalf for that. We are not a broker, so we don’t charge or otherwise receive any sales commission.

Step 2: Collector Archive Services securely stores your products: Once processed through our facility, Fulfillment by CAS catalogs and stores your products in our secure ready-to-ship inventory. CAS receives and scans your inventory, we record unit dimensions for storage, and you manage and monitor your inventory using our integrated website.

Step 3: Customers order your products: Fulfillment by CAS fulfills orders placed directly on our website or fulfillment requests you submit for sales not on our website. Yes, you can have our fulfillment center safely and securely store your products while you market and sell them on other websites or auction sites. Once sold, we will provide the same level of trusted customer service so customers know that CAS handles all packing, delivery and returns.

Step 4: Collector Archive Services picks, packs and ships your products: Fulfillment by CAS picks your products from your fulfillment inventory and packs them for delivery. CAS locates your products using our advanced automated computer-networked scanning and tracking system. Customers can combine their orders with products from other members fulfilled by CAS as an added layer of ease and satisfaction for your buyers. CAS then ships the products to your customers from our advanced shipping center using the method they choose during checkout. We provide tracking information to your customers the moment the shipping label is printed and item leaves our shipping department. All items are fully insured for the exact amount they were purchased for.

Let Fulfillment by CAS fulfill all or part of your inventory… With just four easy steps!