The New CAS Website Has Launched!
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By The CAS Team
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The New CAS Website Has Launched!

Welcome to the New & Improved Collector Archive Services Website!

At CAS, we always strive to make things as easy and as fun for our customers as possible. We are dealing with toys and other collectibles here - this is supposed to be fun! To that end, we are proud to present to you our new and improved website, which contains many new exciting features that will make submitting items to us through the online submission process infinitely easier. Please take a test drive to see all the great new features for yourself, but the highlights of what's new are as follows:

  • New Look - Our website has a beautiful new look and feel - because we want to look our best for you!
  • Improved Mobile Compatibility - We have often heard from our customers that the old website didn't function as well through their iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices. We have updated the website to be fully mobile-friendly. Making submissions to CAS on your mobile device will now be a breeze!
  • Superior Collectible Search Function - We have added a "Collectible Master Search" on the front page of our website, which will make finding items to submit to CAS infinitely easier. The new search function offers various categories to search for the exact collectible you want to submit - you can populate one or more of up to six different category fields to find exactly what you are looking to submit. As before, you can also navigate to the "Browse Collectibles" page to find items to submit under their respective collectibles line. Lots of options to make the online submission process easier!
  • Optional Tier Splitting at Checkout - We have clarified that our turnaround time is split into Tiers 1, 2 and 3 - click HERE for more info on the different turnaround tiers. When you are ready to check out at the end of the online submission process, you will be given an option to "consolidate" or "split" your order if it involves items in more than one tier. If you elect to consolidate your order, we will group all of your items from different tiers together and ship them all back at one time at the end of the longest turnaround tier from that order. If you elect to split your order, we keep all of your items grouped in the different tiers and ship each tier of items back independently when each tier of items is complete. The option is yours!
  • New Blog - We have designed a new blog page, which will have (i) links to our YouTube channel, which is filled with fun videos of customer unboxings, customer interviews, and educational series on different toy and other collectible lines, (ii) articles written by various collectible experts, and (iii) a calendar of upcoming CAS toy and comic convention appearances and other noteworthy events.

As with everything we do, we kept you, our collector friends, top of mind in rolling out this website. We believe it will provide for a much better experience. Of course, we always want to do the best we can for you, so if there is anything you see that you think we can improve on this new website or you otherwise notice any glitches, etc., please don't hesitate to provide us your feedback at or by calling us at (844) 600-0227.

Thank you!

December 6, 2020
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