FREE Bubble Preservation Solution (BPS) on all First 21 Star Wars MOC Submissions Through End of Year
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By The CAS Team
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FREE Bubble Preservation Solution (BPS) on all First 21 Star Wars MOC Submissions Through End of Year



Since CAS announced our patent pending Bubble Preservation Solution (BPS) just around one year ago, we have helped collectors better protect scores of carded figures, which makes us very happy! But our job is far from done! As a reminder, and as shown in the images above, CAS's revolutionary BPS consists of a thin, clear sheet of plastic that covers the entire surface of a MOC figure, including form fitting the entire surface of the bubble nearly like a glove - that is, the top, bottom, sides and face of the bubble - all of which will, among other things, (i) provide the most protection possible to a MOC's bubble, (ii) prevent the bubble from lifting off the card, (iii) prevent the loose action figure from busting through the bubble, (iv) flatten curved cardbacks, and (v) prevent loose hanger punch tabs from dislodging. Perhaps even better, the BPS is nearly invisible and, as such, doesn't take away from the MOC like the old bent acrylic bubble protectors do! You can barely see it! Because it is so difficult to see (which is the point!), two of CAS's owners, Chris Whitlock and Anthony Spinnickie, did a livestream a while back to answer questions about the invention and to show it in greater detail. The video can be found here:

To further our mission to protect and preserve as many carded figures as possible, we will be providing a free BPS for any first 21 vintage Star Wars carded figure (on Star Wars or Empire Strikes Back cardbacks) submissions from now through the end of 2022! That's $15 worth of free, best in the world protection for every MOC submitted - for free!

To be clear, we currently offer the BPS only for the following vintage Star Wars action figures on Star Wars and Empire Strike Back cardbacks only:

We all really excited about the BPS and want to help as many collectors as possible to protect their MOCs. We believe the BPS will help eliminate the disappointment hundreds, if not thousands, of collectors have felt for decades when their MOC figures were destroyed by the loose figure busting through the plastic bubble through shipping or otherwise.

If you have any questions about the free offer, please feel free to email us at

October 20, 2022
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