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A boxed item is valued solely on the shape and appearance of the box, while a loose action figure is valued on the actual condition of the figure and its accessories. Since both of these types have only one value-deciding factor, there is no need for sub-grades. However, carded action figures and shadow-box packaging are valued by a combination of three condition factors, so sub-grades are assigned to each. A carded action figure receives grades for cardback (C), blister (B) and figure (F), and a shadow-box is graded on box (B), window (W) and figure (F). 


These sub-grades pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of each of your items, and, while they are never averaged to determine the final grade, they provide you with a clear understanding of how each overall grade was determined. For example, if your carded figure received an overall condition value of an 80+ with a C80 cardback, B90 blister and F90 figure, then the sub-grades have directed you to the most defective area, in this case the cardback.