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Our Mission

Collector Archive Services (CAS) is a grading company and a resource to buyers and sellers of collectible toys and video games, whose universal mission is to provide collectors and investors with an expert and impartial standard by which to judge any item.


The three-inch sticker used by CAS is a representation of the item’s condition, documentation, preservation and authenticity. It provides collectors and investors with reliable specific information and eliminates the frustrations of buying unseen. CAS grading offers dealers a third tool, along with traditional detailed images and descriptive texts, when presenting an item for sale.


CAS owners have over a half century of combined experience in collectible buying and selling, a Board of Advisors expert in specific areas of collecting and a team of well-trained, unbiased professionals to assure that your grading experience will be a positive one.


We have a safe and secure facility where collectors and dealers are encouraged to stop by to drop off and pick up their collectibles. Grading companies have long had a reputation for operating under a shroud of secrecy, but we have a completely transparent business model. We welcome one and all to visit our reception area and to ask questions or just to say hello.


Commitment to Customer Service: Our receptionist will provide you with prompt, courteous, and professional service at all times, and voice messages and emails will be returned within 24 hours. Client service and communication is a fundamental ingredient of our business model.


Commitment to Unbiased treatment: We follow a strict set of protocols and procedures in order to ensure each item is inspected without bias or prejudice. From the time your shipment arrives in our receiving department, we utilize an advanced barcode scanning system instead of the traditional contact information on a submission form. This assures our customers that no employee will know whose item they are evaluating at any time throughout the process.


Commitment to Confidentiality: At no time does the documenting, archiving, photography, or fulfillment center have access to your personal information. We will never share your personal or contact information with anyone at any time without your consent.