Transparency as to our process and turnaround time is important to us. Although our previously published 30-day turn around time for non-custom orders (custom items take a bit longer) is not a guarantee, it is a goal to which we strive. To date, as to most of the orders we have processed, we have achieved that goal.


However, our move to Florida last month set us back a few weeks due to the move itself, construction at our facility, additional training of staff, and setting up our systems in a new location. As such, through the end of the summer, we will likely be two to four weeks behind in our turn around time.


We expect that this delay will be a one-time event, as the move itself primarily caused the delay. Importantly, we will soon announce our hiring of a new employee and other exciting moves we are making to scale a business that has grown exponentially faster than we anticipated, which of course is an extremely positive thing. We appreciate your patience in the interim.


As always, please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you have here through the messaging feature on this page or via email to