At Collector Archive Services (CAS), transparency to the collector community is what we are founded on. We have been asked about Sellersville Auction, and in the interest of transparency and to avoid some of the confusion we see out there, here are the facts as we know them on Ken Black's former part ownership of Sellersville Auction and the related bankruptcy filing.


Ken and his former partner (who is not affiliated with CAS) ran into financial trouble running Sellersville Auction, and they were not able to right the ship. Like many small businesses, Sellersville tried to make it work, and after exploring every viable option, they regrettably shut it down. Due to Ken's personal guarantees of certain Sellersville obligations, he filed for bankruptcy. Anyone to whom Sellersville owes money has been listed in the bankruptcy case with the full claim amount listed. Ken is on a repayment plan, subject to approval of the bankruptcy court in Pennsylvania.


To be clear, neither CAS, Todd DeMartino or Ross Barr had any involvement in the business of Sellersville, and CAS is in no way involved in the bankruptcy. What happened with Sellersville is unfortunate, but it is a separate matter for a separate company that will have no bearing on the strong balance sheet and financial health of CAS or our mission to serve the collector community by providing the best display, preservation and documentation services possible.