CAS Announces Addition of Ross Barr to Ownership Team

CAS is thrilled to announce that it has added Ross Barr to its ownership team. Ross is an avid collector of Star Wars, GI Joe, and other vintage toy lines and memorabilia from the 1970s and 1980s. Ross is an active member of the vintage Star Wars action figure collecting community, having been the founder and administrator of several well-subscribed online collector groups and author of articles on collector websites aimed at helping collectors.


Ross deeply values the connections he has with his fellow collectors and enjoys interacting with the collector community above all else. For that reason, we believe Ross is the perfect addition to our ownership team, and he will serve as our Chief Collector Relations Officer, an important role in helping us achieve our mission of providing the best possible display, preservation, and documentation services to collectors at all times. That is, Ross will work tirelessly to reach out to his fellow collectors, hear their concerns, crowd source new and fresh ideas, and ensure that we ALWAYS listen to the community and do whatever we possibly can to assist collectors in displaying, protecting and documenting their collections, help them enjoy their collectibles as much as possible, and, above all else, make collectors happy!


Please help us in welcoming Ross to the CAS team! Stay tuned for more exciting announcements in the coming weeks.