Re-case Your Current Items in our Archival Cases! 

Due to high demand, Collector Archive Services will re-case any item previously graded by a reputable grading company for a discounted rate and we will archive your collectibles within our UF-5 Plexiglas Archival acrylic. 

Every re-cased item will come protected in our Archival acrylic and will include a Certificate of Archival (COA), professional images uploaded to your online account of the front and back of your item, our popular true grade and plus system with QR code technology, proprietary serial numbered holograms, guaranteed 30 day turn-around times and the high level of customer service you deserve. 

  •       Loose 3”-4” Scale Action Figures - $22.00 each.
  •       Loose 4”-8” Scale Action Figures - $27.00 each.
  •       Standard Carded Action Figures - $27.00 each
  •       Over-sized Carded Action Figures - $32.00 each
  •       Small (less than 20") packaged - $42.00
  •       Medium (20" - 39") packaged - $59.00
  •       Large (40" - 49") packaged - $99.00
  •       X-Large (50" - 59") packaged - $149.00  

There are many reasons for re-casing your previously graded items. Many acrylic cases have scratches or cracks from handling over the years or simply your collectibles may be suffering from aging grades that may no longer be accurate. Whatever the reason, here at CAS we have you protected with discounted re-case rates and no confusing value tiers, classifications or up-charges.

*Excludes custom displays and layouts.