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Common Defects

The proprietary computer software system of Collector Archive Services considers all deficiencies and imperfections while assigning an overall condition value.


Some of the more common flaws documented by our system:


Card-back/Box:  Creasing, bending, tearing, ripping, scrapping, scuffing, fading, discoloring, edge-wear, corner separation, chipping, punctures, water damage, etc. Price stickers are accepted in the collectible community as non-flaws, since they were applied at retail and do not generally affect overall value. Stickers that have been picked, ripped, torn, written on, or just poorly located do become a slight condition factor. Some stickers that have been removed leave glue residue or a stain on the packaging, affecting the condition.


Blister/Window: Many plastic blisters and windows have scratches, scrapes, clouding, dings, dents, crushing, etc., as well as waviness caused by a past heat source, yellowing due to age and natural deterioration over time. The drying of glue can cause the blister to separate from the cardback or loosening of the window.


Figure/Vehicle: Defects may include overall paint wear, chipping or missing paint, fading or discoloration, over-spray, etc. If the carded figure comes with a weapon, accessory, collector coin, trading card or other pack-in item, they will also be evaluated.