Completist Membership

Completist Membership

  • Annual subscription of $249

  • 10% discount on all submissions*

  • •One free 7-day express turnaround submission for any carded action figure or boxed item ($100 value)

  • •One free submission for any standard carded action figure ($50 value)

  • •One free submission for any standard loose Star Wars figure ($35 value)

  • •One ‘Member Only’ entry into our annual raffle for each item submitted (value TBD – see further details below

  • Free CAS Army t-shirt ($20 value) 

Annual CAS ‘Member-Only’ Raffle – Each CAS Collector Club member will receive one raffle ticket (Completist Tier) or two raffle tickets (Super Collector Tier) for each individual item submitted to CAS during the prior year.  Prizes are as follows (each member is eligible to win just one prize):

  • (1) $250 CAS Gift Certificate

  • (5) $100 CAS Gift Certificates

  • (10) $50 CAS Gift Certificates

*Discount cannot be combined with any sale or other promotional discount. Discount not eligible on GW Acrylic sliding bottom cases.
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